Loss of Hair, rambut yang gugur…ditulis berdasarkan referensi dari buku yang disusun Dr. J. Stephan Jellineck. Berikut berisi beberapa penyebab rambut gugur.

Phatologycal loss of hair may be due to different causes. Rothemann, the following :

  •  Following infectious diseases, such influenza, thypus, scarlet fever, tuberculosis, diabetes; also after pneumonia and certain stages of syphilis.
  • Accompanying or following skin diseases, such seborrhoea and psoriasis.
  • Following disorders of central nervous system.
  • Following functional disorders in internal secretion.
  • Following disturbances in diet, digestion, or metabolism.
  • An inherited dispotion (alopecia premature), that is “family baldness’.
  • An attack by microorganisms (fungi,spores,cocci) or parasites (lice).
  • Accompanying premature senescence (alopecia oarasenilis).
  • Natural symptom of aging (alopecia senilis).
  • Following poisoning (thallium, arsenic, lead, or mercury), after the continuous use of strong medication and sedatives, the excessive consumption of alcohol and nicotine, the influence of chemical solutions or vapors (industrial diseases0, and mercury cures.
  • through radiation; for example, after X-ray treatment of hairy parts of body.
  • Following continuous mechanical pressure in the absebce of air and light, by constant wear of headscarfts, uniform caps, or steel helmets.

Reference :

Dr. J. Stephan Jellineck. 1970. Formulation and Fuction of Cosmetics. Pages 367-368


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